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Advent of Code: Day 17

5 minute read

Today was almost exactly like day 11 except with more dimensions. If you remember from day 11, the Raku solution was so slow that I had to write a Python sol...

Advent of Code: Day 16

6 minute read

We got to explore some cool features of Raku today, even if it wasn’t 100% functional. 🙂 Read on to see what I am talking about!

Advent of Code: Day 15

6 minute read

Even with how short and sweet today’s solution is, I had to rewrite it between parts one and two after hitting the maximum recursion depth. So we’ve got one ...

Advent of Code: Day 14

5 minute read

Today was much less math-heavy than yesterday, although we will dive into an algorithm that would make it faster. However, I did do this problem more imperat...

Advent of Code: Day 13

8 minute read

Today’s challenge was… interesting, to say the least. It may look short and sweet, but it is fairly complex and requires a fair bit of number theory for part...