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Advent of Code: Day 21

4 minute read

I had much more fun with today’s puzzle than yesterday’s! We are back in Raku, after a few days of detouring through Python.

Advent of Code: Day 20

9 minute read

Today was… not fun, to say the very least. It was a lot of tedium, and I am not super proud of my solution.

Advent of Code: Day 19

5 minute read

After I was singing Raku’s praises yesterday, it had to come back to bite me.

Perl Weekly Challenge 91

3 minute read

I finally got some time between my day job and Advent of Code to tackle this week’s Perl Weekly Challenge. Pretty easy stuff this week; hope the difficulty r...

Advent of Code: Day 18

3 minute read

I like to hate on Raku quite a bit, but it was literally the perfect language for today’s challenge. I guess the love-hate relationship continues!