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Advent of Code: Day 10

4 minute read

Part two today almost forced me to use an iterative approach that would require a mutable array. However, I stumbled on a great feature of Raku that let me d...

Advent of Code: Day 9

5 minute read

Today we have a classic sliding window problem. But, instead of the traditional iterative approach, we take a recursive approach.

Advent of Code: Day 8

5 minute read

Today tripped me up a bit in part 2 due to my lack of understanding around copying objects in Raku. Regardless, we made it through and are now over 30% of th...

Perl Weekly Challenge 90

3 minute read

Today was a busy day with both Advent of Code and the Perl Weekly Challenge. Luckily, the PWC was short and sweet this week, and a nice breather after the Ad...

Advent of Code: Day 7

6 minute read

Well, today was our streak breaker. For the life of me, I could not get Raku to run in a timely manner. I ended up reverting to Python and using a more imper...