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Perl Weekly Challenge 93

10 minute read

I was going to stop adding my test cases (to the blog, not the code) this week, but after writing a solution that passed the provided test cases for part one...

Perl Weekly Challenge 92

5 minute read

It was a slow Christmas day for me, for the most part, so I decided to knock this challenge out as well as finishing up AoC!

Advent of Code: Year 2020, Day 24

7 minute read

Merry Christmas Eve! I had a lot more fun with today’s challenge than the past few days. It is reminiscent of days 11 and 17, but with a fun twist. I also so...

Advent of Code: Year 2020, Day 23

6 minute read

This is just trashy, slow code that gets the job done. Not functional, not fast, not clever, and not nice to look at. Anyway, enjoy!