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Perl Weekly Challenge 98

4 minute read

This week’s solutions explore some more obscure parts of the Raku ecosystem, namely state variables and adverbs.

Perl Weekly Challenge 97

3 minute read

My solution to challenge two builds on last week’s challenge two, so I encourage you to go read last week’s post if you haven’t already!

Perl Weekly Challenge 96

3 minute read

I admittedly took a shortcut for part two this week, but it allowed me to introduce modules here (I don’t believe I have used them before in a blog), so I th...

Perl Weekly Challenge 95

5 minute read

Two pretty simple challenges this week! I tried ot focus on strongly typed subroutines and methods to shake things up.

Perl Weekly Challenge 94

4 minute read

The second challenge was a lot like last weeks second challenge, so I went a step further and implemented multiple tree traversals. I won’t include the tests...