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Perl Weekly Challenge 103

7 minute read

Challenge two this week was… interesting, to say the least. But, we are through it, and it’s the weekend! 🍻

Perl Weekly Challenge 102

5 minute read

Part one was an exercise in efficiency and short-circuiting; I am sure there are more optimizations I could add, but it works as is. 🙂 Let me know if you see...

Perl Weekly Challenge 101

6 minute read

This week was pretty fun – solution one ends up re-using some code from my first post (Challenge 88), and solution two explores Barycentric coordinates! No u...

Perl Weekly Challenge 100

7 minute read

This week was a lot of fun! Challenge 1 threw an additional curve ball at us – the solution should be a “one-liner.” I did my best to fit my solution on one ...

Perl Weekly Challenge 99

3 minute read

This week’s theme is regex, which is something the Perl family of languages has always been known for.