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Advent of Code: Year 2020, Day 4

7 minute read

Today’s challenge was a rough one for me. Not because of the challenge itself, but because I fell into a trap in the Raku language that was giving me an off-...

Advent of Code: Year 2020, Day 3

4 minute read

Today was the first problem that I felt lent itself naturally to a for-loop. While there is nothing wrong with a for-loop in functional programming programmi...

Advent of Code: Year 2020, Day 2

5 minute read

We’re back again with another functional Raku solution! This problem requires some text parsing as well, which is where Raku (and its older brother Perl) rea...

Advent of Code: Year 2020, Day 1

4 minute read

Turns out I started blogging just in time for the Advent of Code, an annual series of daily challenges that run from December 1st to December 25th.

Perl Weekly Challenge 89

7 minute read

Back again with challenge 89! I was able to tackle this one the day it was released, but I doubt that will be the case going forward.