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Perl Weekly Challenge 100

7 minute read

This week was a lot of fun! Challenge 1 threw an additional curve ball at us – the solution should be a “one-liner.” I did my best to fit my solution on one ...

Perl Weekly Challenge 99

3 minute read

This week’s theme is regex, which is something the Perl family of languages has always been known for.

Perl Weekly Challenge 98

4 minute read

This week’s solutions explore some more obscure parts of the Raku ecosystem, namely state variables and adverbs.

Perl Weekly Challenge 97

3 minute read

My solution to challenge two builds on last week’s challenge two, so I encourage you to go read last week’s post if you haven’t already!

Perl Weekly Challenge 96

3 minute read

I admittedly took a shortcut for part two this week, but it allowed me to introduce modules here (I don’t believe I have used them before in a blog), so I th...

Perl Weekly Challenge 95

5 minute read

Two pretty simple challenges this week! I tried ot focus on strongly typed subroutines and methods to shake things up.

Perl Weekly Challenge 94

4 minute read

The second challenge was a lot like last weeks second challenge, so I went a step further and implemented multiple tree traversals. I won’t include the tests...

Perl Weekly Challenge 93

10 minute read

I was going to stop adding my test cases (to the blog, not the code) this week, but after writing a solution that passed the provided test cases for part one...

Perl Weekly Challenge 92

5 minute read

It was a slow Christmas day for me, for the most part, so I decided to knock this challenge out as well as finishing up AoC!

Advent of Code: Day 25

4 minute read

Merry Christmas! Part two was probably my favorite part of all of Advent of Code; check it out!

Advent of Code: Day 24

7 minute read

Merry Christmas Eve! I had a lot more fun with today’s challenge than the past few days. It is reminiscent of days 11 and 17, but with a fun twist. I also so...

Advent of Code: Day 23

6 minute read

This is just trashy, slow code that gets the job done. Not functional, not fast, not clever, and not nice to look at. Anyway, enjoy!

Advent of Code: Day 22

13 minute read

I am posting day 22’s blog a day late due to an outage at work that took precedence. However, you can see from my git history that the code itself was writte...

Advent of Code: Day 21

4 minute read

I had much more fun with today’s puzzle than yesterday’s! We are back in Raku, after a few days of detouring through Python.

Advent of Code: Day 20

9 minute read

Today was… not fun, to say the very least. It was a lot of tedium, and I am not super proud of my solution.

Advent of Code: Day 19

5 minute read

After I was singing Raku’s praises yesterday, it had to come back to bite me.

Perl Weekly Challenge 91

3 minute read

I finally got some time between my day job and Advent of Code to tackle this week’s Perl Weekly Challenge. Pretty easy stuff this week; hope the difficulty r...

Advent of Code: Day 18

3 minute read

I like to hate on Raku quite a bit, but it was literally the perfect language for today’s challenge. I guess the love-hate relationship continues!

Advent of Code: Day 17

5 minute read

Today was almost exactly like day 11 except with more dimensions. If you remember from day 11, the Raku solution was so slow that I had to write a Python sol...

Advent of Code: Day 16

6 minute read

We got to explore some cool features of Raku today, even if it wasn’t 100% functional. 🙂 Read on to see what I am talking about!

Advent of Code: Day 15

6 minute read

Even with how short and sweet today’s solution is, I had to rewrite it between parts one and two after hitting the maximum recursion depth. So we’ve got one ...

Advent of Code: Day 14

5 minute read

Today was much less math-heavy than yesterday, although we will dive into an algorithm that would make it faster. However, I did do this problem more imperat...

Advent of Code: Day 13

8 minute read

Today’s challenge was… interesting, to say the least. It may look short and sweet, but it is fairly complex and requires a fair bit of number theory for part...

Advent of Code: Day 12

7 minute read

Today was the first day where I didn’t use the same code for parts one and two – they were just too different! Other than that, this is a classic recursive s...

Advent of Code: Day 11

6 minute read

I am giving myself half credit for today; the solution I came up with is in Raku, but it is an iterative solution. Additionally, this solution is slow. In fa...

Advent of Code: Day 10

4 minute read

Part two today almost forced me to use an iterative approach that would require a mutable array. However, I stumbled on a great feature of Raku that let me d...

Advent of Code: Day 9

5 minute read

Today we have a classic sliding window problem. But, instead of the traditional iterative approach, we take a recursive approach.

Advent of Code: Day 8

5 minute read

Today tripped me up a bit in part 2 due to my lack of understanding around copying objects in Raku. Regardless, we made it through and are now over 30% of th...

Perl Weekly Challenge 90

3 minute read

Today was a busy day with both Advent of Code and the Perl Weekly Challenge. Luckily, the PWC was short and sweet this week, and a nice breather after the Ad...

Advent of Code: Day 7

6 minute read

Well, today was our streak breaker. For the life of me, I could not get Raku to run in a timely manner. I ended up reverting to Python and using a more imper...

Advent of Code: Day 6

4 minute read

Well, our old pal set theory reared its head again today. I’m very happy with the middle ground I found between conciseness and readability with this challen...

Advent of Code: Day 5

6 minute read

Binary search is a well-known algorithm for searching already sorted lists. I liken it to searching for a book at a book store. If the author’s last name sta...

Advent of Code: Day 4

7 minute read

Today’s challenge was a rough one for me. Not because of the challenge itself, but because I fell into a trap in the Raku language that was giving me an off-...

Advent of Code: Day 3

4 minute read

Today was the first problem that I felt lent itself naturally to a for-loop. While there is nothing wrong with a for-loop in functional programming programmi...

Advent of Code: Day 2

5 minute read

We’re back again with another functional Raku solution! This problem requires some text parsing as well, which is where Raku (and its older brother Perl) rea...

Advent of Code: Day 1

4 minute read

Turns out I started blogging just in time for the Advent of Code, an annual series of daily challenges that run from December 1st to December 25th.

Perl Weekly Challenge 89

7 minute read

Back again with challenge 89! I was able to tackle this one the day it was released, but I doubt that will be the case going forward.

Perl Weekly Challenge 88

7 minute read

I have always been a fan of Perl (and its younger brother Raku), but, since leaving the Bioinformatics world, have not found any real-world scenarios to flex...

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