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Advent of Code: Year 2021, Day 1

2 minute read

I am back after not blogging for 6 months. Who knows if I will blog every day, but I am excited for Advent of Code regardless!


less than 1 minute read

Today is Father’s Day in the U.S. I have an almost-11-month-old son who I should be spending time with, but I feel the need to post a blog because I have bee...

Perl Weekly Challenge 116

4 minute read

Part 1 was probably the hardest this week, but I ended up being able to adapt a solution from an existing Python library.

Perl Weekly Challenge 115

3 minute read

I had a very busy weekend and didn’t get the opportunity to post this during the actual week of the challenge, but I will post both 115 and 116 today!

Perl Weekly Challenge 114

2 minute read

Both of this week’s solutions look remarkably similar, because we were able to utilize the first subroutine for each one!